Electric wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs are designed for aged persons with bounded staying power and also for people with upper body problem, or for those who doesn't have enough strength to manage with a manual wheelchair without the assistance of another person. Electric wheelchairs are basicly divided into 2 main categories - the power chairs and the scooters. A power chair is a motor-driven alternative of a classic wheelchair. A scooter gives not so much support as an electric wheelchair and demands certain upper body strength, still it's a wonderful solution for aged persons who are trying to find a cheaper electric alternative.

Before you start shopping for the proper power wheelchair for your conditions, it is significant to assess the cost that you can afford.

You should consider some important features, such as the height and support of the back that will be best for you. You individual body structure attributes will assist you in defining this. Consult a physiotherapist or your medical man to specify the right angle for you. Also think about the control system that you are selecting, as it will be as well dependent on your constitution. You will be able to choose from a wide range of systems, the most popular of course is a joystick.

It is highly recommended to try out a power chair before you will decide to buy it. There are plenty of companies that will offer you a test rive of a wheelchair for a certain time lasting from a few hours to a week or even more. Don't miss an opportunity to use this option, which will help you to choose the best electric wheelchair for you or your loved one.

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electric wheelchairs