Lightweight wheelchairs

Most of wheelchair makers can offer a range of ultralightweight wheelchairs, therefore the assortment is wide enough. There are 3 categories of lightweight wheelchairs such as folding, rigid, and titanium rigid and folding

Folding Ultralightweight Wheelchairs.

In case you are planning to transport the wheel chair behind the seat of a vehicle or require foldable leg rests and don't wish to give up weight or functioning, then a folding ultralightweight wheelchair will be the best option for you. Such wheel chairs guarantee the full functionality of a conventional chair with the indispensable advantage of being able to fold up.

Rigid Ultralightweight Wheelchairs.

Rigid wheelchairs are the most widespread alternative in lightweight wheelchairs at the moment. A hard frame excludes the supplementary equipment of a folding frame, which allows to minimise the weight and boost the response and functionality. Such wheel chairs offer a wide range of features from the fundamentals such as folding armrests and push handles to Spinergy SPOX wheels and light up casters.

Titanium Ultralightweight Wheelchairs.

Titanium is currently one of the best options in wheelchair material because it is very strong, durable, has the built-in shock absorption, and with all this it is extrmely lightweight. But take into account that titanium wheel chairs are usually notably more pricey and in addition may take more time to construct. If you can afford the higher price, titanium lightweight wheelchair will be the absolutely perfect option.

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lightweight wheelchairs