Mobility scooters

For lots of disabled persons a mobility scooter is a great replacement of a wheel chair.

Numerous patients choose a scooter rather than a wheelchair because they are more compact, more light-weight, more maneuverable, and undoubtedly more good-looking.

An electric mobility scooter is constructed of a wheeled platform comprising batteries and the drive device, with operation panel and arm rests at the front and a seat towards the rear. The experts also recommend to pay additional attention to such features as the size, turning radius and road clearance, because all of them directly affect the handleability.

Safeness and functionality. A lot of motorized scooters have regulable seats and hand rests while some have different base dimensions or additional footrests for persons with longer legs or for patients who wear orthopedic appliances.

Safeness Features. A lot of mobility scooters have anti-tip means on the wheels for steadiness throughout maneuvers, so the experts recommend you to make sure that the electric scooter you are in view of has such machinery.

Batteries. The electric power system in your powered scooter may be either 12 or 24 volts supplied by batteries. The voltage usually depends on drive system. Thus, the front wheel drive systems are normally 12 volts, while rear wheel models are 24 volts. Additional batteries may be installed to enhance the driving distance of the scooter, but you cannot increase the speed of your device. Be in no doubt that the exact class of battery is bought, seeing that chargers are usually exclusive to the category of battery (lead acid or gel). However some chargers might be dual purpose.

Seat. It is recommended to mindfully consider the seat while shopping for a mobility scooter. Head and hand rests may be incorporated, and seat filling will obviously be a crucial aspect in convenience, particularly when the powered scooter is used for plenty of hours. Cloth casing is noticeably more comfy than vinyl, however it is also the pricier and more complicated to clean.

Remember that corresponding the requirements of the patient with the options presented by the producer of the device is certainly the most principal factor in choosing the right mobility scooter.

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