Wheelchairstandard.com privacy policy page.


For ads on Wheelchairstandard.com we use the services of third-party advertising companies, such as Google Inc. These companies are from time to time using certain statistics (not including your name, address, email or telephone number) about your visits to this website and other sites in order to offer the most relevant ads regarding products and services. To read more about these practices and options for the decline of this information to the companies, please visit this site.

Information protection requirements.

The Wheelchairstandard.com website is happy with your interest in our articles and products and your visit to our site. Information protection and security of our users are always the No.1 importance of our company. Thus, the security of your private information is vital and of special concern to us.

What data we collect.

If you interact with our team, we may collect such information as name, email address, mailing address, phone number. This site doesn't use cookies to gather this sort of information.

Wheelchairstandard.com doesn't share any information you share with us, including names, addresses, emails, telephone numbers, date of birth, etc. with third parties outside Wheelchairstandard.com.

Giving out personal data.

Wheelchairstandard.com doesn't sell or give permission to use your private data to any third party company under any circumstances. We also do not disclose individually identifiable info that you share with us, excepting cases provided by the USA and international law.

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